Confetti Balloons Trend

Confetti Balloons are a cool party trend because they're so easy to create and suit such a wide variety of events including Weddings, New Years Eve, 18th & 21st Birthdays as well as many other party themes.  They've been so popular some balloons are now sold with the Confetti already inside. 


You can even add tassels to them to make a creative photo prop. They step it up a notch from the usual party balloons giving it that extra wow factor for your event. Then at the end of the night you could even burst them and watch the confetti explosion. 


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Use a balloon hand pump (sold separately) or your own drinking straw to fill a small amount of air into a balloon to create static so the confetti sticks to the sides of balloon, then fill remainder of the clear balloon with either air or helium if you want it to float.