Planning a Hens Night

After being given the honour of Bridesmaid duty, one of the best parts is organising the Hens night. However for those that have never even been to a wedding before it can be quite daunting. Don't worry we are here to help. 

First step is determining the budget. Although a weekend away sounds like a fabulous idea it can end up costing a lot depending on your imagination. It would really spoil things for the Bride if people pull out simply because they cannot afford to join in on the festivities. It is important to keep in mind those who will be attending as not everyone has the same spending power. The best thing is to bounce a few ideas around the Brides closest friends with a range of budgets to gaige which is the most appropriate.  The range of ideas could include:-

  • Weekend away
  • Glamping
  • One night in a nearby hotel, beach house, cabins in a caravan park
  • A pub crawl or step it up a notch to a 'cocktail' crawl - include transportation for the safety of all guests
  • Party on wheels ie. stretch hummer, party fire truck, party bus
  • A boat cruise
  • A day at the races
  • A winery or wine tour
  • Spa treatment day
  • Cocktail making class
  • Cooking class
  • Action activities for the adrenaline junkies
  • High tea lunch or afternoon tea
  • Hens party at home
  • Movie night
  • Casino night complete with professional gaming tables and a croupier
  • Restaurant dinner

Keeping the gang all together is the most important part to make everyone feel welcome. If you are combining more than one activity then including transportation is a great way for everyone to get to know each other. 

The meal is traditionally the most set activity of any Hens Night party. Many restaurants offer a set menu/banquet menu which makes things a lot easier for the organisers. The style of restaurant can then be determined by the budget you are working with. 

Many Hens parties incorporate the Brides cost into the overall budget per head for each guest which is a lovely gesture, however not mandatory. Again best to feel out the Brides closest friends first and it may be decided that only the Bridesmaids will contribute. 

​If some still have their heart set on a weekend away but decide it's not for everyone, then planning a separate weekend just for the Bridesmaids and even close family members/friends could be a great compromise. 

Another great way to bring everyone together is with some decorations, fun costume accessories & party games. Check out our great range on our Hens Night theme page