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Red Bow Tie

Red Bow Tie

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Create your own Candyland themed party to make Willy Wonka jealous.  Start with a rainbow pathway using colour squares lined with lollipops or candy canes. Fill the room with lots of colour using hanging fluffy balls, helium balloons, tablecloths and lot's of clear jars filled with different kinds of sweets.  There is no need for a sugar overdose with lots of sugar free and gluten free options available. 

Add PVC pipe and clear cellophane to our jumbo rainbow balloons or candy swirl foil balloons to create lollipops.

Entertain your guests with ice cream sundae making competitions, ring toss games using giant lollipops made from plastic plates or balloons and donut eating competitions where you hang a donut from a string and tie party guests hands behind their back. Check out all our party ideas in our party guide above..