Emoji Face Party Supplies

What if instead of words, you could say something with just one facial expression?
Emoji's have done just that and made their way into everyday life with their quirky and fun designs.
... and now they have made their way to party supplies.

Emojions Party Lootbags - pk8 On Sale
LOL Emoji Tablecloth

LOL Emoji Tablecloth

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Small Emojions Napkins - pk16 On Sale
Large Emojions Napkins - pk16 On Sale
Balloon Hand Pump

Balloon Hand Pump

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Disposable Helium Tank Kit - Standard On Sale
Disposable Helium Tank Kit - Jumbo On Sale
Birthday Photo Stick Props - pk10 On Sale

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D.I.Y. Emoji Face Plates      and        D.I.Y. Emoji Face decorated eggs