Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Serve Corn Chips In A Sombrero
Create a festive scene by using the rim of a straw sombrero or sombrero pinata to serve tortilla chips to your party guests.  


Set up a tasty Taco Bar
Display your pre-filled tacos in our gorgeous Taco Trucks, or display all the ingredients in small bowls D.I.Y style for your party guests to make their own. 


Grazing Platters Mexican Style


Dress Up Your Party Drinks
Create an eyecatching drinks buffet by dressing up your beer & soft drink bottles, as well as the cups.  Have fun with sombrero drink covers, stick-on felt moustaches, moustache photo stick props, peppers, hot sauce, lime and of course salt.

Use dessert Cake Stands to create a 2 or 3 Tier Stand for Shots