DIY Poppin Champagne Balloon Backdrop

Easy Step-by-Step Guide to make your own Poppin Champagne Balloon Garland Backdrop. 

Decorate a wall of your party space for any celebration with this unique eye catching balloon garland. 
It will even last a couple of days away from heat and sun.
Best of all there's helium is not required.



What You'll Need: 

  • 1 Champagne Bottle re-usable self-sealing Foil Balloon (91cm)
  • Latex Balloons in assorted colours and sizes  (Colours: Gold, White, Silver -  Sizes: 12cm, 30cm)
  • Balloon Decorating Strip
  • Balloon Glue Dots
  • Hand Balloon Pump  (Standard or Dual-Action Size)
  • All products mentioned above sold separately on Parties In Packages Website
  • Small 3M removable wall clips, or similar (available from supermarkets and hardware stores)
  • Scissors

To Assemble:

Use your own drinking straw (not included) or Hand Balloon Pump to inflate the Foil Champagne Bottle Balloon.  Do not use helium.

Using an adhesive of your choice, (such as 3M removable tape) place the Foil Bottle Balloon on the wall where desired. Making sure to leave enough space for the latex balloons to be added.

Adhere one end of the Balloon Decorating Strip to the wall at the end of the bottle using your choice of adhesive (such as 3M Removable Wall Clips, not included).

Inflate latex balloons with air to a variety of sizes and tie a knot at the end.  Under-inflate making sure to keep balloons round in shape, like bubbles. If they become teardrop shape let some air back out before tying the knot. Do not use helium. 

Insert balloon lips into Decorating Strip holes and gently pull balloon knots through the holes to secure. Pull all balloons through the same side, to keep tape closer to the wall.  Make sure to start with some small balloons closest to bottle, then greadully get bigger as you go. As you attach the balloons alternate sizes and skip holes as needed.

Once you've reached the desired length, attach the completed Decorating Strip to the wall, at least every 60cm, using the same adhesive as in step 3. Once you've attached the last empty hole of the Decorating Strip to the wall, then trim off the excess Strip

Tip - for an alternative to wall clips, tie a long piece of curling ribbon (same colour as wall or ceiling) to an empty hole at each end of the decorating strip and hang garland against a wall or from the ceiling.  

Final Step - for the champagne spray affect, use the Glue Dots to attach balloons on top of other balloons. You could also use your choice of adhesive to add floating balloons to wall around the decoration. Tip - use the smaller balloons to fill any possible holes/gaps where you can still see any Decorating Strip.  

Also, remember to relax, every organic balloon garland design is unique so your final decoration does not have to look exactly the same as the example picture. 


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