Spiderman Party Guide

Parties can sometimes seem overwhelming and, in some cases, have become almost a nuisance as we find ourselves too busy or lacking in the imagination and creativity. As a result most miss out on making the memories we all deserve.

Our Parties In Packages party guide has been provided to help you “create an atmosphere”. As the party host, it will be your job to co-ordinate the events leading up to the big day and to also make sure things run smoothly on the day.

Your objective / mission is to throw a fun and exciting party that holds special memories for parents, teachers and children alike without it turning into a nightmare for overworked adults. Are you ready to start preparing for your party? Okay, let’s get started with some suggestions to help relieve the stress.


Handy Hints

There are a few important decisions to be made before you send out your invitations - Date, Time and Location.

Date - It’s a good idea to check the proposed date and time with “key” friends before committing.

Time - It is important to state starting and finishing times on invitations. Generally 2 to 3 hours is ample. A morning party may be good for little ones as you will generally find younger children tend to get tired in the afternoon/evening.

Location - You have a couple of basic choices with the most popular being “home” where you’ll have plenty of time to set-up and have all your supplies close at hand. The obvious disadvantage with this choice is, having to clean the house before and after the party, possible damage to your house and space limitations. Nearby parks are nice because they’re usually free, with plenty of space to run around and usually have a play structure to entertain the kids. The downside is, having to haul the supplies to and from the park plus lack of privacy and overcrowding. Local indoor play centres are becoming more popular for little children and the best part is there’s no cleaning up afterwards.


When sending out invitations, allow plenty of time for guest’s parents to change their plans if necessary.

The golden rule for the party host is, don’t try and do everything on your own. Many parents invite another parent or relative to help them with the food as well as supervision once the party begins.

Once the party begins you will generally find that younger children need constant supervision. Older children usually like to be left in peace at least some of the time during the party, only needing to be checked from time to time to make sure everything is all right.

Be vigilant around balloons. If they pop the rubber bits could be a danger to young children. If they put them in their mouth, they could choke.


Decorating Tips      

Seeing as Peter Parker is both a superhero crime fighter and a photographic journalist for one of the city’s biggest newspapers, you could also add props such as cameras, tri-pods, camera bags and rolls of film. Another addition could be to draw up some Newspaper headlines (as shown below) to help decorate the room. Bad guys beware! Spiderman crawls up tall buildings, shoots webbing from his wrists and swings from skyscraper to skyscraper as a crime-fighter with amazing spider powers.

Dressing up the party entrance with a doorway curtain is the perfect way to create an immediate impact as the children arrive for the party.

Party Games & Activity Idea’s


Party games are a great way to teach children about winning, losing, fairness and luck. Keep each game relatively short to keep children interested and if they begin to appear irritable, move on to a new game. You should always be prepared for problems. There may be squabbles about who won or who got what prize so be sure to explain the rules before the games begin.

Pin the Spider on Spiderman is an ageless game and lots of fun for party guests.

Spiderman “pull” piñata is a popular alternative to the traditional piñata. Pull piñatas do not involve any hitting or breaking of the item. Each child pulls one ribbon from the group of colourful ribbons hanging beneath the piñata. Only one ribbon unlatches the secret trap door allowing the toys and lollies to spill out.

Hiring an entertainer is a great way to amuse and entertain the children for a few hours. Another popular option is hiring a playground climber from your local toy library, which is a great way to keep the guests amused for the day.

Recipe Suggestions

For small children, make sure to remove toothpicks, skewers and any other sharp objects from food before you serve it. Make sure an adult is in the room at all times in case a child chokes.

Dip the rim of each glass in lemon juice then add sugar or coconut before filling with sparkling drink however do not overfill the children with fizzy drinks, they have a nasty habit of erupting later leaving you a nasty mess to clear up.

A treat for dessert could be that each child guest makes their own sundae but then they give it away to someone else. This is a great way to entertain the children for a little longer.

Plan to include food and drinks for grown ups in case anxious parents stay or come to pick their child up early.

Try to serve at least a few types of healthy food. Make sure it looks colourful and appetising and you’ll probably find it will disappear in time. Try not to be over adventurous when planning the food, as many children are picky eaters.

The party food shouldn’t be too hot as just-cooked food such as cheerio’s or sausage rolls can burn little mouths.

Cut the party cake into thin slices, as most children will have had enough to eat by the time the cake comes around. You could wrap up the left over slices for children to take home in their loot bags.

Traffic Light Sandwiches       

(Ingredients make 12)

12 slices of wholemeal bread, 2 tablespoons cheese spread, 6 cherry tomatoes 2 slices processed cheddar cheese, 2 gherkins, sliced

Cut crusts from bread then cut bread in half to form 24 rectangles, spread cheese spread over 12 of the rectangles. Using a 2cm round cutter, cut out three rounds, in a straight line, from each of the remaining rectangles to form front of traffic lights. Cut thin slices from each end of the cherry tomatoes then place a tomato end, 2cm squares of cheese and a slice of gherkin on a cheese spread-covered rectangle. Top with a traffic light front, lining tomato, cheese & gherkin up with holes. Repeat with remaining bread and fillings


Final Checklist

Pick your party date and time   

Plan a menu and go grocery shopping so that you can make as much food as you can before the day and freeze   

Write out a final schedule of activities and games Arrange for help on the party day Order the cake Get exact guest numbers   

Buy remaining party food, film, batteries, candles and matches for cake, plus other incidentals Child proof the party area Take plenty of pictures to commemorate the special day   

Plan an after party nap for yourself

Please remember, if you want the children to have a good party, plan it and keep it short and simple. Mishaps may occur so keep your sense of humour, even if not every aspect of the party goes off as planned. The most important part is to enjoy the day as you celebrate the life of your child.