SpongeBob Party Ideas

Decorating can be fun and quick with simple ideas to create a great impact. 
We also show some amazing balloon creations if you want to go all-out and have plenty of time.

Transform your party space into Bikini Bottom
Covering walls with re-usable plastic Scene Setters is a great place to start. They also make amazing backdrops for party photos with all the Spongebob fans. Depending on the amount of wall space you have, there's a few options.

Ocean & Coral Scene Kit and Ocean Scene Setter and  Ocean Floor Border.

Use Crepe Streamers, Paper Lanterns and Balloons to create an Under Sea Backdrop, Jellyfish and Bubbles

Party Food Ideas

Balloon Decorations


Party Host
Not only can the birthday child dress up as their favourite character, but so can the person hosting the party.
We offer SpongeBob and Patrick Costumes for Adults and boys and girls.


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