Thomas The Tank Engine

Full steam ahead with these party ideas ....


Full steam ahead to the best Thomas The Tank Engine party ever with this easy to create party food train.  Use a toy train as the lead then add aluminium disposable food trays and waxed mini cheeses for the wheels. Toot Toot!

When each child arrives, give them a boarding pass with a unique number on it.  Have a hat (a conductor's cap would be great) with all the same numbers in them.  Throughout the party, whenever things seem to be getting out of hand or a bit quiet, draw a number from the hat and award the winner a prize to include in their treat bag.  Make sure you've drawn all the numbers by the end of the party so no one is left out.

Box Car Fun - Go to a local shopping centre loading dock or appliance store and get some really big boxes. Have everybody at the party decorate these boxes and turn them into a train. You need at least for the engine, one for passengers, and one for the caboose.