Tips For All Parties

Our Parties In Packages party tips have been provided to help you “create an atmosphere” at your celebration, no matter what the occasion.

As the party host, it will be your job to co-ordinate the events leading up to the big day and to also make sure things run smoothly on the day.  Your objective or mission is to throw a fun party that holds special memories for all that attend.
There are a few important decisions to be made before you send out your invitations.


Party Date - It’s a good idea to check the proposed date and time with “key” friends before committing.

Party Time - It is important to state a starting time on the invitations. You may also wish to state a finishing time, especially if the event is held at a hired venue.  For children generally 2 to 3 hours is ample and you will generally find many younger children tend to get tired in the afternoon/evening so a morning party may be good for the little ones.  Lastly, leave plenty of time to send out the invitation.

Party Location - You have the basic choices of home or hired venue or outdoor park, with the most popular being “home” where you’ll have plenty of time to set-up and have all your supplies close at hand. The obvious disadvantage is, cleaning the house before and after the party, possible damage and space limitations.

Remember to include on the invitation anything you may wish the guest to provide such as alcohol or a themed costume. If you plan on providing alcohol, make sure to add a footnote that guests should arrange alternative transport home, rather than driving.  Depending on the size of your party you may also wish to register with your local police station and hire security.

You have to enjoy the party!  The golden rule for the party host is, don’t try and do everything on your own. Arrange for friends to help with the food and serving at the event. Alternatively you may choose to hire wait staff or have the whole event catered, allowing you to enjoy the celebration as much as everyone else. 

The best way to get the party started is by decorating the front entrance, immediately creating the atmosphere as your guests arrive.  Think doorway curtains, balloon arch garlands and door backdrops


The Checklist
Tick each of these items off to make sure your party will be a blast!                                                       


1.  Pick party date & time          

2.  Choose a theme        

3.  Purchase or create online Invitations & send           

4.  Buy decorations    

5  Plan a menu & order a cake if necessary           

6.  Decide on the entertainment        

7.  Arrange for help on the party day          

8.  Write out final schedule    

9.  Finalise an exact guest count           

10.  Go shopping for party food        

11.  Charge the camera, get ice & other incidentals           

12.  Pick up the cake, if necessary    

Lastly remember that mishaps may occur so keep your sense of humour, even if not every aspect of the party goes off as planned. The most important part is to relax, take a breath, and try to enjoy the party as much as your guests.

Thank you for including Parties In Packages in your celebration and we wish you the best of luck with your party.